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Your new lifestyle: 3 life hacks for the simple life

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Our working days and lifestyles do not exactly require calm, confusion and reflection. We speed up, are almost constantly online and have access to everything. It can easily create an overuse and maybe even an overcomplicated everyday life where we are neither good about ourselves nor the planet on which we live.

Therefore, counter-movements have also emerged, focusing on cutting back, living more minimalist and thus ensuring time and space for reflection and reflection and a more sustainable lifestyle.

We have put together three good life hacks for this more manageable and easy life.

Tekst1_Hydrance-03.jpgGet a simpler and less time-consuming skincare routine with Avène’s new Hydrance Aqua-Gel, which can act as a moisturizer by day, moisturizer at night and eye cream. The picture also shows Hydrance Serum, 30 ml, recommended price DKK 269.50, Avène Thermal spring water, 150 ml, recommended price DKK 89.50 and Hydrance BB Rich , 40 ml, recommended price DKK 194.50. Photo: Thomas Dahl

1. Downsize your wardrobe

A good place to start is to look at your wardrobe. You have guaranteed many more clothes than you get used to. Maybe even a lot of things bought too cheap, so that after a short while they look a little soggy and weary and are really ready for the trash can after a few trips into the world.

You may want to take a thorough look at your wardrobe. Reduce it. Sell ​​or deliver it for recycling that you do not use. Find your key items, the basic items that you love and that work for the most part, and then create your wardrobe based on that.

Buy fewer items, but in better quality and timeless design, so you can use them for years to come. The less stocked wardrobe will give you a better overview, a nicer style, and a good conscience.

Tekst2_Hydrance-08.jpgIf you want moisture, SPF and color in one, Hydrance BB Rich with SPF30 is the product for you. It provides optimal moisture, a natural glow and protects against photo aging and pollution particles, 40 ml of recommended price DKK 194.50. Avène Hydrance Aqua-Gel , 50 ml, retail price DKK 189.50. Photo: Thomas Dahl

2. Create a simple and clear beauty routine

Do you have a dressing table with drawers full of beauty products without ever really figuring out what really works for you? Do you shuffle between different products and look for exactly what makes your skin happy?

Make your beauty routine easy and clear with simple, multi-functional products. An example is Avène’s new Hydrance Aqua-Gel , one product that ensures you detox the skin and fulfills several skin care roles. The cream is an all-in-one solution. Apply it in the morning for optimal hydration during the day and use it in a fuller layer as an effective night mask overnight.

An added plus is that it is also suitable for the delicate eye environment where the skin is soothed and regains its freshness. With this product you can simplify your beauty routine and avoid over-use of products.