Know yourself

The psychologist’s tips for becoming mentally robust

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1. Know yourself

Consider which person you basically want to be? What do you want to contribute to the world? What is important to you? Let questions like these guide your choices in life. Ask yourself each morning what your intention is for the day today and spend a few minutes in the evening before going to bed to repeat your intentions. That way you get in touch with your deepest values, and when they are clear, they become a guide and far easier to navigate.


2. Be kind to yourself

If you want to be a resource in relation to your work and your family, remember that you cannot pour from an empty jug. Make sure you have time every week for what energizes you. It could be reading a book, getting out in nature or just being alone on the couch. You are often your own toughest judge, but if you show kindness to yourself, it will be easier to prioritize and speak from and close your mouth on the critical judge who often punishes you for coming along to live to your own and others’ expectations.

3. Find your limits

Know and respect your own boundaries. We are not equal in terms of energy level and work capacity, and if you need to stay mentally fit, it is important that you notice what you can do. When you meet the wall, you have often overestimated yourself. Be aware if you are more unhappy and angry than usual, this may be a sign that you are heading out on a siding.

4. Meditate every day

Set aside time to meditate. It helps you to be more in the present, to recover and get better in touch with yourself and your boundaries. The latest brain research shows that just twice a five-minute meditation a day helps develop new neural networks in the brain in as little as three weeks. The more you exercise, the easier it will be for you to be present and be more present with the people you are with.

5. Prioritize attendance

Spend time with your loved ones. They give you energy and help you get a reality check. If you do not feel that you are performing optimally, your friend may point out that you have actually done what you could. You get corrected your perception of yourself when you are with other people. It’s healthy and often more true than what your inner judge is accusing you of.

6. Sleep well

Prioritize your night’s sleep. It is a basic prerequisite for maintaining your resilience, but often the first thing you cut down on if you are in a hurry. Turn the mindset from starting by arranging your to-do list and then seeing how much sleep you can get, to the contrary. You are not weak because you need sleep. Research shows that women under the age of 40 actually need more night’s sleep than men.