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New oven (almost) even makes the food

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The mobile phone has long since taken over control with many functions in our home, and now the smartphone also takes control of the kitchen. With Miele’s Generation 7000, you no longer need to be home to look at the stove in the oven.

The range is a brand new range of intelligent kitchen appliances, from ovens and hobs to steam ovens, espresso machines, and dishwashers, combining cooking, technology, and ease of use.

Miele even calls its Generation 7000 the largest and most groundbreaking introduction in the company’s 120-year history. “ It is the largest product launch in our company’s history. It makes cooking easier, more convenient and safe, and in addition, all the products fit perfectly into all kitchen designs and environments ”, emphasizes the marketing director at Miele Asger Bache Jensen.

With Generation 7000 from Miele, you can get a perfect cooking result without the hassle. The new feature TasteControl ensures that you do not bake or cook too long, even if you are not standing right next to the oven when it is done. The oven opens the door slightly, and then it cools down the oven quickly. This means that your buns do not stand and bake, even if they remain in the oven. If it is a step you are preparing, you can choose not to cool down the oven when it is done, but instead simply lower the temperature quickly. That way, you can leave the roast and pull in the oven until you are ready to serve it and at the same time avoid the hassle of foil, tea towels, and meat juices on the kitchen table. “The Generation 7000 products guide our customers through the preparation process. The operation is intuitive, the processes are simple and natural, so the ease of use gives more room for creativity, ”says Miele’s chief designer Andreas Enslin.


Technology’s many possibilities today are so firmly part of everyday life that it is literally no further away than a grip in your pocket. In the kitchen, of course, the mobile has made its entrance.

We can check the temperature of the meat and control the temperature of the refrigerator, but if the information on the cell phone required action, then we had to be home. But it’s over now.

With the FoodView innovation, Miele has gone the line and placed a camera at the top of the oven compartment that can send pictures of your dish directly to your smartphone via the Miele @ mobile app. Among other things, the app also allows you to turn off the oven or possibly lower the temperature so that the dish is kept warm. You can thus stand down in your supermarket and buy the last thing at the same time as you just check how it is with the lasagna at home in the oven.