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Katrine lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks

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Before the cure

“My obesity started when I got pregnant, but now it’s three years since my son was born, so I couldn’t keep calling my obesity a pregnancy pound. It was laziness kilo and I was really sad about the way I looked. I pulled myself away from social things where I thought it was just how I had become, but in reality it was about something completely different.

At one point, I starred in a podcast that took a picture that I could share on social media, but when I saw it, I thought it was simply a lie. I looked like someone who had been inflated and I chose not to share it. I was disgusted with myself and I was hugely embarrassed that it had come out. I didn’t feel that way when I was at home with my boyfriend and son, because they still thought I was as nice as always, and then everything else is just as important. Right until I got it right in the face. ”

The diet

“Before the Nupo course I ate relatively healthy and varied for lunch and dinner, but because of my little son, we also often got buns in curry, crayfish, and meatballs, and I just can’t eat without touching. I ate larger portions than I needed, and on weekends it often stood on sugar and chips. I had come to a point where it was just as much, so I might as well continue to overeat.

Before the course, I had many prejudices about Nupo. I thought it was a cure for the lazy, and that it was an easy way to lose weight, but it still appealed to me because I didn’t have to think about it. I had already read about Keto and Sense and all sorts of other principles, but I couldn’t overlook it. For a few weeks, I am in charge of handing over and picking up our son, shopping, cooking and everything else convenient because my boyfriend works at awkward times and then a powder cure is super easy because it is not time-consuming.

“I had come to a point where it was just as much, so I might as well continue to overeat.”

The first week was kind of like when I had to quit smoking. It was fun and a bit of a competition with myself, but then I started to feel the addiction and it’s the same with food. Week two and three were really tough. At that time the sugar was out of my body and I got migraines which I almost never have. I slept really badly because my body was having a lot of trouble finding the rest.

As I approached a month, fortunately, something happened. It was every day and I had no problems, but then came a number of holidays with good weather. Usually, I would have sat in the sun with a glass of rosé and some snacks and watched my son play in the garden, so it was the first time in the entire period that I was seriously in a bad mood. However, I came out on the other side and got into a routine where it ran really well. ”


“It was so important for me to get started training while I was at Nupo so that I could live healthily, stay strong and continue to lose weight after the course. It wouldn’t happen if I didn’t get used to exercising during that period.

I have practiced reforms in the past, and I started again. The first six to seven times were so difficult and it was terribly borderline for me to have to lie there in tight tights and train with a bunch that could easily keep up. Everything hurt my body, but gradually I could more and more, and after two to three times I could feel a new strength.

Once I was going cold, I looked at the picture taken during the podcast and never thought again. Now I have trained 40 times and am one of the best on the team. I can get out of bed without it hurting, and for the first time, I’ve canceled the time with my physical therapist because I don’t need it. The body is so crazy. ”

Losing weight

“I got the help of a dietitian and we agreed that I should weigh myself every Monday morning, and it was just so important to me. I just should not disappoint and no one should come to say that it did not go just because I had two bad days. In the first few weeks, I lost five pounds and it was so motivating. Then Nupo could do it anyway. I ate my own and everyone else’s prejudices, and after five weeks I had lost 10 kilos.

It’s not the weight that tells me anything – I’ve never had a relationship with weight – but I could feel it on my pants. Suddenly, I had to wear a belt that I hadn’t worn for years, and I could fit the shoes I had actually put in the throwing pile because my feet and ankles had grown too big. It was absolutely amazing and it helped motivate me to go all the way.

I ended up losing 20 pounds, and I’m just so happy and proud of that. ”


The best

“I needed to have a successful experience, and I got that. I’ve decided to quit my job, and I might not have done it if I hadn’t gone through this. Now I must go out and be independent. I have to go to meetings and be social, and I couldn’t have done that three months ago. That I should meet someone who knew me once, and then look at them thinking that, hold on, she was once so nice, but see her now. It’s over now.

The fact that I have been able to resist so many temptations and been so consistent for so long must mean that I have a backbone that can hold on to a little of each. And if I decide to run a marathon in a year, then I’m sure I’d be able to train myself for that. I know everything now. ”

The hardest

“All the pleasures of everyday life. There are so much cake and celebration in the workplace, so there are constant temptations. I had informed my colleagues about the project so I was not offered cake and so on, but it is hard not to attend and then I can sit and watch the others eating croissants.

I said no to all social agreements except a few family events I couldn’t cancel. People said ‘relax now’, but why should I sit watching my friends eating tartlets in the ditch? I wasn’t ready for that at all, so it was easier to say no.

I was at a confirmation where I had to explain why I wanted to lose weight, ’cause I didn’t need that then.’ But what do others know about what I need? When you say that you are not happy with your body after you give birth, it has become like you are shaming your body. No, I do not. I just don’t feel well and it’s not about being a mom or being a shame. I don’t mind my breasts hanging out a bit or my body not as tight as before, I just want to feel good. ”