Camilla lost 18 kilos

Camilla lost 18 kilos: That’s how it goes a year later

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The diet

“I’m very either or, so when I went into slimming fashion in relation to the wedding, I was very disciplined and I was sure I would reach the finish line and get down to my ideal weight of 62 kilos, which I also did. When I come out on the other side of a cure, the discipline is not necessarily the same because I need to enjoy myself a

That’s why I put on after the wedding, but the principles were so fresh in memory that I didn’t put on as much as I think I would have otherwise. I have the golden rule that I should not weigh over 65 kilos, because then it sticks out for me. After the first month back at work, I weighed nearly 67 kilos, so I started living the diet again. I have since done a lot of planning my health, so I avoid smoking in the usual traps at work like eating Wednesday cake or going berserk in the buffet.

Camilla lost 18 kilos

Each week, I fill up the fridge at work with small cups of Cultura, which I eat every morning, and Cola Zero, which is my afternoon treat. At lunch, I make sure to take a moderate portion despite having a buffet in the canteen. I keep reminding myself that I don’t have to taste it all, although there are often many delicious dishes. Instead, I stick to one good thing and then supplement with a lot of coarse vegetables that I eat well.

If I can’t stand for lunch and eat a slightly more unhealthy dish, I might skip skipping dinner because I’m too tired to eat at 3am. 18.00, which is often done as a family of children. Then I take a portion of cows later in the evening instead. I think it’s OK to break with the social expectations that are in our eating patterns.

Unless I’m hungry for dinner because I’ve eaten a big lunch, I don’t feel compelled to eat. Of course, I would like to be a good example for my children and eat with them, but just as they may have d


“My training runs according to regular routines. I train two mornings a week, with my husband delivering our children, and Saturday mornings. In the past, I was mostly reforming or rowing, but now I have found my race again so it has taken over the days of the week.

I typically run four miles in the morning, followed by abdominal exercises at home on the living room floor. When I went for a cure after the New Year, I made a challenge with our editor-in-chief Sara, who would also like to lose a few kilos after a stress course. We weighed ourselves together every week and helped each other stick to the healthy habits.

That challenge got me back on track. It is a challenge to get regular training to deal with family life. It’s about finding a structure and then sticking to it no matter what else is on the program.

My training mornings are not up for discussion and it requires a partner who can understand why it should be given such high priority. I train not only to be slim, but also because it gives me a longer fuzz. I become a much happier person to get exercise, and I become a better mother, wife and colleague. ”


The hardest

“I still get the urge to talk, especially in the afternoon, so almost every day I drink a Cola Zero because it takes the urge. Instead of playing sacred and saying that I don’t feel a need for something sweet, I have chosen to acknowledge the need and then find an alternative to snack something unhealthy. I still want to be more disciplined about talking, but it is really hard to break the parallel between fun and food.

OK, it was easy for me to follow a disciplined plan for six months, but it’s hard to maintain. I can’t follow a disciplined plan for the rest of my life, and there should also be room for an ice cream on a summer’s day and a glass of Aperol spritz in the sun.

For this to be possible, I need to stick to my structure around my workout and my everyday food, and then I can let more slip in over the weekend. I acknowledge that there is something social about eating, and I’d rather sit on a Saturday night eating self-candy with my family than I would eat cake in front of the computer with colleagues on Wednesday. “