10 shortcuts for weight loss

10 shortcuts for weight loss

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A few tastings in the supermarket, five licorice runs while driving or a handful of almonds to quell the little hunger. Maybe the little things that smoke indoors during the day don’t seem to do much. But even the smallest habits can eventually bounce off the bath scales because you repeat them day after day, year after year. So making some small adjustments to your daily eating habits can have a huge impact on weight and your health – because there are really many workdays in a year.

1. Chew gum while lubricating lunch box

During lunch packing, just sip a slice of cheese or the end of the sausage sausage. But these two chunks together cost 135 kcal – almost the same as a cream bun. If you do it five days a week, that equals 35,100 kcal annually or approx. 4.6 kg of body fat.

2. Eat up to two avocados a week

Avocado is super healthy, but unfortunately has a high fat content and abounds in calories, actually 265 kcal. If you eat an avocado daily, it equals 95,400 kcal per year or approx. 13.5 kg of fat.

3. Max. 10 g nuts per day

Nuts are a super source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and a delicious afternoon snack. But a small bag (50g) of cache nuts contains 299 kcal and 20 g of fat,
so if you cut the nut consumption down to 10 g daily, you save 87,308 kcal, or approx. 12.5 kg body fat.

4. Swap fruit for greens

If you eat a banana, a pear and an orange every day, it gives 270 kcal. If you eat a banana, a broccoli bouquet and a piece of cucumber instead, you get only 122 kcal and save approx. 7.7 kg body fat annually.

5 Drop sugar in the coffee

Will you get one teaspoon. sugar in the coffee and drinking five cups a day, you can easily save the first 100 kcal by dropping the sugar. If you drink two small cafelatte daily on minimum milk, it gives 4,560 kcal a month or 54,720 kcal a year, ie. 7.8 kg of body fat. If you drop one latte and drink the coffee black or a glass of water, you can lose 3.9 kilos.

6 Resist the bread basket

It is difficult to leave the bread basket in the restaurant, but there are many calories to save. Three pieces of flutes with butter contain 310 kcal, and if you eat out once a week, that equates to 15,880 kcal annually or 2.3 kg of body fat.

7. Hold the job cake again

In many workplaces there is cake when someone has a birthday, goes to maternity or vacation. A small piece of sand cake gives 220 kcal. If you snap twice a week it becomes 22,880 kcal or 2.7 kg per year.

8 Avoid boredom eating

If you only eat a single chocolate biscuit for 94 kcal every night, you can lose 5 kg a year by not letting go. And if you get used to eating a small piece of chocolate for coffee every day, you can save yourself about. 2 kg.

9 Share the dessert – or drop it

Dessert is a nice pun on a good dinner, but often filled with sugar and fat. An average dessert contains approx. 350 kcal, then you eat dessert only once a week, that equates to 18,200 kcal annually or 2.6 kg of body fat. Skip the dessert or share with your table master – and save half the calories.

10 Replace juice with water

Liquid calories are some of the easiest to save away. Drinking a glass of juice for your supper in one year will give you 29,200 kcal, or 4 kg extra body fat. If you replace the juice with Danish water with citrus, you get 0 kcal.